Giggleface Caricatures by Paul Raymonde

Giggleface – Caricatures by Paul Raymonde.

For gifts and events – Traditional and Digital.

Giggleface Original caricature gifts


  • Excellent retirement gifts
  • Imaginative leaving presents
  • Personal anniversaries and celebrations

High quality caricature paintings for friends, colleagues or clients.


Unique corporate mementos

  • Bespoke Corporate Awards
  • Financial Deal Tombstones
  • Group recognition Awards

Beautifully rendered group caricatures with players in imaginative and fun settings. Order as many copies as you need framed or unframed.

New! Pet Portraits

  • ‘Get a portrait of your pet
  • Painted from clear photos
  • Delivery worldwide

Hand painted in watercolour.

I have now started painting people’s pets and enjoying the challenge of capturing their personalities.

Send me a photo and receive a beautiful keepsake.

Welcome to GiggleFace, home of the hand painted caricature. For either yourself or as a gift you can order a unique and artfully rendered caricature by Paul Raymonde. Paul paints his caricatures in watercolour and ink, an age old medium which he loves to use. He also processes his artworks through Photoshop, so that text logos and other enhancements can be added.

For more than 30 years Paul has been producing cartoons and caricatures for  private and business clients. His caricatures can be commissioned from your photos. 

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