Watercolour and Ink Caricature Gifts.

  • Financial deal tombstones
  • Retirement and leaving gifts
  • Corporate team awards

Scroll down to see samples.

  • rough concept sketches before approval
  • faces drawn from photographs that you supply
  • text, names and logos and other images can be added
  • multiple prints available
  • framing service available
  • direct delivery

The final artwork is painted when all the layout and content has been approved in the rough concept stage.


The paintings of faces, bodies and background are scanned and then assembled in Photoshop. This means that text and logos can be added and late alterations are possible. It is also possible to fit far more people into a reasonably sized picture this way and provide as many high quality prints as are required.


Framing is available. See below:

For pricing and further information please contact me.

Examples of completed jobs are in the gallery below:

Click on the image to enlarge.

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