Group caricature as a thank you to the due diligence support team at McKinsey.

This painting was commissioned as a gift for all those involved in the support team and depicts those characters. A unique framed print was presented to to each participant at the closing dinner.

Caricatures are a welcome alternative to the Lucite tombstone trophies so often awarded after such transactions.

My name is Paul Raymonde from GiggleFace, and I specialise in creating corporate caricature gifts from your brief and your photos.


  • Retirement and leaving gifts
  • Corporate awards
  • Financial deal tombstones
  • Cards and Christmas gifts
  • drawn from photographs that you supply
  • text, names and logos can be added
  • multiple prints available
  • framing service available
  • direct delivery

These group caricatures are tailored to your need, whether for a deal tombstone, retirement or leaving gift, a birthday present or a team appreciation award. If you don’t have a concept I will suggest scenarios that work well graphically and the characters depicted can be part of the action.

I make preliminary sketches so that you can approve the layout, design and likenesses before the final painting. This is the time to iron out all the snags as the final artwork is difficult to change.

The likenesses that I create will look like the photo that you supply. Therefore it is best to supply clear head-shots which show the subject smiling and preferably not looking dour or pulling strange faces. These expressions become exaggerated in caricature and could possibly make the subject look unpleasant.

The characters and background are painted in pen and watercolour, giving it a traditional feel but the final artwork is an assemblage in Photoshop. This makes it possible to add text, titles and logos and make small tweaks before printing.

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