About Paul Raymonde

Paul Raymonde - rogue caricature artist - watercolour painting
Artist’s Statement

I am an artist who works in a variety of styles. As well as caricature and cartoon I paint and teach watercolour. I have also worked as a decorative artist creating trompe l’oeil and murals. I enjoy the artistic process in all it’s forms. As an artist one is constantly learning new ways to express oneself. The common thread which runs through my work is humour. I find that comic invention helps me in expressing my world view.

Artist’s Biography

I started my artistic career in my 20’s. I had no formal training but my father, Roy Raymonde¬†was a cartoonist and I had grown up in an artistic household. My first experience of making a living from art came when I lived briefly in Paris. I joined the street artists there in drawing tourists and surprisingly I survived. Encouraged by this early success I started to contribute cartoons to magazines and newspapers in England, notably Punch, Private Eye and Reader’s Digest and eventually had some success as an editorial cartoonist.

During my 30’s I developed an interest in Italian fresco. Having spent some time in that country, I started a company painting classical trompe l’oeil decoration. Amongst various projects I won a commission to decorate the Tate Gallery for the 1997 Grand Tour exhibition.

In recent years I have become more interested in painting watercolour. Since moving to Spain I have run classes teaching the art of plein air watercolour.

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